Nimble Neuron is a company based in South Korea full of passionate game players who want to use that passion to craft high quality games for your enjoyment. With the help of our incredible fans and players, we hope to create the best possible games and provide you with memorable experiences.

Early history

Nimble Neuron began firing in March 2013, then known as O’ol Blue Inc, with its first Character Collection Battle RPG mobile game, Mighty Quest. We then began to work on launching of our second mobile RPG, the up-tempo and stylish Hunters League! Hunters League game was launched on The One Store, Google Play, and the App Store soon after. Hunters League has been favorably reviewed and enjoyed by nearly a million users around the world!

Let there be glory to the pawns…

When Archbears and Oo’lblue joined up to make Eternal Return, development on the original Black Survival was still underway. Black Survival, a 2D battle royale was a unqiue and fresh take on the BR genre. It saw the creation of many loved characters, who would then make their way to Eternal Return.

Can you become the ultimate survivor?

Nimble Neuron began working on a 3D game set in the same universe. Development for Eternal Return began in early 2019, and has since had multiple successful tests with enthusiastic players. ER features playable characters from Black Survival in a MOBA-like survival battle-royale game. ER also includes hundreds of items and weapons to help you form a strategy, play to your strengths, and survive until the end.

We have been absolutely floored and humbled at the response that the players have given to Eternal Return. Nimble Neruon is working tirelessly to mold and create a truly incredible game.